YUFC Invest in artificial intelligence

YUFC has tapped into its Club development budget to purchase state of the art match recording technology....with no need for a camera man!

This technology will initially be made available for all of our Senior and Junior teams here at YUFC, look out in the near future for match highlights and player/team tactical sessions.

More information? click on the image to view VEO's web site

Two high-resolution lenses, internal storage and a large battery, sets you up for recording multiple matches. It's super flexible. You can take it anywhere, and use on any football pitch. Most users can set up and start a recording within 2 minutes.

Recording - Your mobile device controls the Veo camera. It serves as a remote, with all the recordings stored directly on your camera. Connect to the camera using its built-in wifi.

Uploading - Connect the camera to the internet, and it automatically uploads all the recordings to your account. Our intelligent software will work on your videos and return a fully automated video within 24 hours.

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