The Club & its Committee

Yanchep United Football Club is an incorporation, we are a legal entity in our own right which is able to do things in its own name. For example an incorporated association can own land, borrow money and enter into contracts.

Each incorporated association is formed to undertake particular activities or pursue a specific object as set out in the association’s rules (often known as the constitution). The rules provide a unique framework which outlines how the association is operated and managed by its members.

YUFC is a Club that is operated solely by volunteers, no payments, compensation or gifts of any kind are received by its Committee members 

From its members a Club Committee is formed each year at its AGM, we have what are known as 'Office Bearing Positions' that carry additional and specific responsibility, at YUFC we have the following Committee members:

Club President - Louise Purton
Oversee's the Club and is the Figure head of the Committee - is involved as and when required and is across all key aspects of the Club
Club Secretary - Shaun Parkin
Responsible for the day to day running of the Club, liaising with Football West and the City Council, supports all other office bearing positions in day to day management
Club Treasurer - Shaun Parkin (temp)
Responsible for the management of all things financial, working close with the committee and delivers financial recommendations, a day to day hands on role that carries great responsibility
Jnr Technical Director - John Baker
Responsible for the Development of the Short sided, Miniroo & Junior players focusing on skills development through SAP & Little Shooters programs and also the coordination and development of all Coaches
Club House Manager - Sara Roberts
Organising the food and drink purchasing for the Club House and volunteers to prepare and serve
Head Groundsman - Jason Waind
Is responsible for liaising with the City Council in maintaining our pitches and Club House standards, coordinates the marking and set up of the pitches
Sponsorship Co-ord-Neil Howlett
Responsible for developing new and maintaining existing sponsor relationships, sponsorships are vital to the continuation of YUFC
Media & Marketing - Michael Redgrave
Committee Member - Mark Walker
Committee Member - Marl O Toole
Committee Member - Brendan Duncan
Kit Manager-
Responsible for organisation and distributions of Club kits
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